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Website Packages

We like to keep things simple for our clients & publish clear price options as much as we can. The price guide below will give you a good idea of what we charge for each service and only applications that require custom implementation will need to be priced based upon your requirements.

Available Packages

  • Debut
  • Showcase
  • Mini Cart
  • Cool Cart - Master Retailer
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Core-FX ™ Showcase is a full website design package that allows you to display a product catalog & detailed information. It includes a database designed for your product needs and can be easily upgraded to full e-commerce!

Showcase Includes:

Price £749.00 GBP +VAT ( 749.00 + VAT )
Price £749.00 GBP +VAT ( 749.00 + VAT )
Buy This Website Package Now!


Core-FX ™ Debut is an ideal package to make your first appearance on the internet or if you have a business already & want to have an internet presence for customers to find you.

Debut Includes:

Price £149.00 GBP +VAT ( 149.00 + VAT )
Price £149.00 GBP +VAT ( 149.00 + VAT )
Upgrade From Debut To Mini Cart

Upgrade Debut!
Simple Shopping Cart

Mini Cart

Core-FX ™ Mini Cart is an e-commerce version of the Debut package & includes a simple Paypal based shopping cart that allows a customer to add products with two order options (such as size & colour) to a basket then checkout!

If you bought Debut we'll give you £49.00 off Mini Cart...

Mini Cart Includes:

Price £249.00 GBP +VAT ( 249.00 + VAT )
Price £249.00 GBP +VAT ( 249.00 + VAT )
Upgrade To Full E-Commerce

Upgrade Showcase!
Additional upgrade options include Flash applications, Live Chat, Forum, SEO & Webhosting!