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Core-FX | Showcase Website Design Package
Welcome to Core-FX website and software design and implementation
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Core-FX ™ Showcase is a full website design package including graphic art that allows you to display a product catalog & detailed information through the inclusion of a database service we design & implement for you & you can easily upgrade to full e-commerce capability later on...

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Product Feature List:

Core-FX ™ Showcase includes the features below:
  • 10 Static pages, 6 extra images
    & 900 characters of text per page
A 'static' webpage refers to content coded into the page. This doesn't mean the page isn't interactive - images can change, audio can be played, text appearance can vary & Flash content, video or audio can be included. Some particular effects may require extra code design so you should talk to us if you think you will need a lot of features particularly if they are not mentioned here.

The extra images could include product shots, images of your business premises or staff or awards & certificates etc & are per page including upto 900 characters of descriptive text which we will optimise for the search engines.
  • Unlimited product pages displayed from a database
This feature mostly used for online brochures has many other uses - article sites, search engines, video libraries & payroll intranets are a few examples of sites that use a database to hold information. Why use a database instead of a static web page?

Imagine an article site - if popular it could have thousands of articles, designing a seperate webpage for each one doesn't make sense, is impossible to update & drains your hosting resources. A database can hold all that information then display the requested article directly on the page.

Think of products as anything your website offers to visitors - services, information, video, files, tangible products like books & DVD's are all products & a database is often the best method of displaying them. NB large product inventories must be submitted in an approved form such as .csv created in excel or .sql file & some others. Please contact us if in doubt.
  • Custom Designed Graphics - images that form the site design
Core-FX will custom design a graphic suite that will build the look & feel of your website. You will probably have company colours if you are already trading & a logo - we will incorporate these into the design. If you're launching a new business or want to re-brand an existing one then we can build a new look for your site which you can use for your company's livery. We also design for printed media & advertising so extending your gaphics package to include these is no problem. We'll work with you to produce design options including any ideas you may have. Read more in our graphic design section.
  • 1 Flash movie or presentation
Flash movies & have historically been ambivellent content for designers - they're a rich form of media that communicates strongly with an audience but conversely such content has held back websites from performing well in search engine results (SERP's). This is slowly changing & currently a certain amount of this content appears in many popular sites - read more about this issue on our Flash Media page.

It's important to provide alternative content for visitors who cannot enjoy such media either because the technology isn't on their pc or they have a disability. Showcase offers one Flash movie in the package - maximum duration twenty-five seconds (a long time on a webpage) which can introduce your website (like our movie on the Core-Fx homepage) & create an impression of your service or present a featured product...
  • Up to 3 Contact Forms
Contact forms are a useful website tool - not just to send written messages but can also gather votes for products, post comments, build a wishlist & much more.

Why use a form instead of linking to an email address? Publishing email addresses on a website is a big mistake - if you've had an email address for any length of time you've probably received spurious emails advertising phamaceuticals, gambling services & fake software. This would snowball into an avalanche if you publish your email address on your website making it very difficult to sift genuine business mail from the 'spam' mail.

A properly coded form conceals your email address from the harvesters that search the internet & sends the content securely to your elected email.
  • Your Website Listed In Google & Yahoo!
We have a proven system for getting your website 'cralwed' & indexed by the big engines in a few days - we can do this in a few hours if necessary but incurs a small fee for costs. Once indexed by the engine you have an excellent platform to launch your marketing campaign. If you intend to get most of your traffic via word of mouth or printed media & advertising you may not want to do any further SEO work but if you want to reach a wider market then it's higly likely you will rely to some extent on search engine traffic. To get that traffic you must achieve high placement in the SERP's & you should consider engaging a proper SEO consultant - read more about our SEO services on the optimisation page.
Additional upgrade options include Flash applications, Live Chat, Forum, SEO & Webhosting!

The Comissioning Process...

  • Once you've placed your order we will contact you to discuss your project - it's important we get it right!
  • We will put together some art-boards with choices of styles & colours for you to look at
  • Once you decide which stylistic approach you prefer we will design some layout options for your websites design
  • When you have decided on a layout we will continue to design the website & graphics
  • The final step is to agree on the content
Once complete we will supply a test domain where you can trial the working site & when you are satisfied the project is ready for launch we will either supply all the website files in a .zip package for you to upload to your server or we can install the site for you.

Don't forget we can also help you with website hosting if you require it!

If you are uncertain which package you need or whether you should consider additional options do talk to us first - we will always give you options & advice that suit your needs & budget.
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