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Core-FX | Graphic Art
Welcome to Core-FX website and software design and implementation
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Graphic Design

Core-FX offers a full graphic art & design service - if you buy one of our website design packages some graphic design services are included - if you need extra artwork we'll be happy to talk with you. For customers looking for a more comprehensive project & are intrested in engaging Core-FX for a complete custom design we can offer not just site graphics but also conceptual art, 3D graphics, graphics for animation, movies & special effects. Visit the 'Our Skills' section to learn more about what's available.

Graphic Services

The artwork & animation in this site & most of the sites we've designed have been produced from conception to delivery inhouse by Core-FX. We do also have other agencies we can call on for truly large or specialist projects, including access to artists who have designed digital scenes for the movies. It is a question of your project needs - stylish website graphics or conceptual art.

Another popular feature on many websites today is the use of 'actors'. These can be human or animated & have pre-recorded audio scripts & scenes which allow them to interact with your visitors depending on their activity or the area of the site they visit, they can also introduce products or explain online services. We can produce both for you, with or without props & scenery. This can be a great way to build the experience of your visitors.

Digital Art

One of the many design packages our artists work with is Photoshop by Adobe® - it's much more than just a photo editing suite & is probably the most widely used art design software in the world across all forms of media.

The image to the right we've called 'Oceana' & is a simple example of what can be done - we used the underwater theme because that subject employs a good number of the main techniques of digital art including the use of shadow, reflection, depth of field (DOF) & 3D.

We also use Illustrator & Corel Draw as well as animation software & specialist 3D applications for complex polygon modeling, texturing & rendering & special effects software. Whatever your requirements & whatever your industry we can meet your needs.

Action - If you need our graphic design service be sure to view 'our skills' & use the quick-fire form to send a simply enquiry, we'd be delighted to help you bring your concept to life.

Realistic 3D Environments

Another favourite application for our artists is 'Vue' for creating natural environments - art so realistic it's hard to tell it's digital. Look at what Vue can produce...
These environments make great graphics but can also create a stage for props, actors & even your products.

They can be directly animated & not just for small animations - scenes like these have appeared in Indiana Jones films, commercials, the latest Terminator movie 'Salvation' & more.

If you'd like an idea of just what is possible watch the short video below from Eon-Software the makers of Vue.

Everything in this movie is digitally created, there are no photos or real-life shots everything is digital.

You'll be amazed...
This is a must see video!

If you're a young graphic artist & want to get into the world of design & animation Core-FX would warmly recommend you get along to Eon & see what they have to offer - contact us if you need help.